ATLANTA – Offering more than 200 varieties of jerky, the newest Beef Jerky Outlet franchise has opened in Buford, Georgia, right across the street from The Mall of Georgia.

It’s not just ordinary flavors like Teriyaki and Honey BBQ that have locals flocking to check out this new experience, but it’s specialty meats like kangaroo, alligator, venison and elk and exotic flavors ranging from Moonshine to Cajun.

Store owners Matt and Zach Hugo are homegrown Gwinnett County boys, and Matt has been a fan of beef jerky for years as a healthy alternative snack.

“Beef jerky is the perfect treat for people craving high protein, low fat snacks,” said Matt Hugo, owner of Buford Beef Jerky Outlet. “It’s a thrill for us to be able to open this fun store in our own backyard.”

The Hugos grew up in Dacula and wanted a fun business to bring to their hometown, and that’s when they stumbled on The Beef Jerky Outlet. “We saw what a fun store it seemed to be in other parts of the country and really wanted to bring it here,” said Zach Hugo. “We also really admired the programs the franchise has to support our military, which was an added bonus,” he said.

All current and retired military and first responders receive an automatic 10 percent discount on their Beef Jerky Outlet purchases.